June 2019: as its fifth acquisition, FnB Private Equity acquired Maison Milhau as add-on to Henri Raffin [PR]

May 2019: Delphine Brechenmacher joins FnB Private Equity as Analyst [PR]

October 2018: as its Fourth acquisition, FnB Private Equity takes a majority stake in Henri Raffin [PR]

September 2018: FnB Private Equity hits 134,5€m for its final close [PR]

July 2018: as its third acquisition, FnB Private Equity takes a majority stake in Valade [PR]

June 2018: as its second acquisition, FnB Private Equity takes a majority stake in Lartigue et Fils [PR]

April 2018: FnB Private Equity hits 100€m for its first fund [PR]

March 2018: Vincent Broncard joins FnB Private Equity as Associate [PR]

September 2017 : as its first acquisition, FnB Private Equity takes a majority stake in Eric Bur, fine foods specialist [PR]


FnB Private Equity is a thematic independent private equity investor dedicated to the development of European SMEs in the Food and Beverage industry. Based on our combined experience of entrepreneurs and investors in this sector, we believe in our ability to significantly transform European SMEs by unlocking and increasing the companies' potential. Reliability, discipline and enthusiasm are at the heart of our business.

Food and Beverage industry :

“To transform raw material produced by farming, breeding or fishing into food products for consumption either through out of home or retail distribution channels.”

Food and Beverage is #1 industry in Europe

Globally European Food and Beverage industry employs 4.2 million among 100,000 companies cumulating above 1000 billion Euros. In this field, we strictly focus on a limited territory of SMEs (50 to 250 employees).


An interconnected and coherent market

Our disciplined approach privileges UK, Benelux, France and Southern Europe. Those markets represent a large and interconnected growth potential for European Food and Beverage SMEs. 

Unique relationship
FnB Private Equity has a unique proximity with target managers all over Europe and a deep understanding of their expectations and issues. Our sector know-how and experience enables us to guide CEOs and executives both through their strategic challenges and on their operational path.
Disciplined and focused
FnB Private Equity is strictly focused on the food and beverage industry in Western Europe. The complexity of the sector requires experts with perfect understanding of the market, of the consumer behavior, and of branded or private label businesses to maximize value creation.
European scale
FnB Private Equity is focused on 4 main areas (France, UK, Benelux, Southern Europe) representing a deep market of 10,000 SME's and €300 bn annual turnover. Theses areas operate as one consistent market, with robust consumption levels and are deeply inter-penetrated.

Cross fertilisation
The crossed an combined views between entrepreneurs and investors lead to a unique relationship with sellers and managers. The specific entrepreneur to entrepreneur relationship alongside with operational expertise and financial structuration is a unique approach to deal execution.
The distinctive link of FnB Private Equity with entrepreneurs is fundamental to our value creation strategy. We actively challenge and assess company strategy and action plan with management teams and offer business support based on high operational expertise.
At the heart of the ecosystem
The team has over 80 years of cumulated presence in the industry through various companies and a vast network of European managers and investors. With over 380 screened opportunities, 16 investments and 12 operational Chairman positions, the team is fully integrated in the ecosystem.

Unique sourcing
The combined network of FnB Private Equity members built throughout the industry, and the "intuitu personae" relationship with entrepreneurs grants us privileged access to deal-flow and provides a trustworthy base for discussion.
Distinctive partnership
FnB Private Equity provides breakthrough support to portfolio companies. FnB offers active contribution side by side with management : screening, recruiting, motivating and retaining high-potential managers as well as development strategies (build-up, add-ons).
Growth catalyst
FnB Private Equity is able to establish development strategies with management and drive growth throughout action plans both on top-lines (organic growth, export strategy, build-up) as well as profitability improvement items.

FnB Private Equity will invest in profitable SMEs of the Food & Beverage industry within France, United Kingdom, Benelux, Spain, Italy and Portugal. SMEs will range from €25m to €100m turnover and employ 50 to 250 people.
The dual approach through a balanced team of experienced investors and entrepreneurs offers a unique angle when evaluating investment targets, supporting portfolio companies and defining exit strategies.
Value creation
FnB Private Equity operates with an extensive framework for value creation. The team has the ability to tackle simultaneously financial engineering, ESG items, turnover development, management and operational improvement.

Photo OM Portrait souriant BW square

Olivier Marchand



1960, 35 years of experience in the food industry: Unilever, Vandemoortele, Heinz and Chairman of LBO et MBI operations for Ardian, Equistone, European Capital, Abenex and Capzanine.

European Business School, London Chamber of Commerce.

square AS BW

Antoine Sage



1975, 17 years of experience in Private Equity with Astorg Partners, followed by the establishment of food sector fund Céréa Capital and 6 years in information systems consultancy.


Photo VL BandW square

Valérie Lutt



1971, 20 years of experience in the food industry (Unilever, Benedicta, Heinz, Puget, Carapelli, Marco Polo Foods) through all Marketing, Innovation, R&D, export positions as well as CEO for a condiments company.

ESSEC Business School

Vincent Broncard



1985, 6 years of experience in Private Equity at Caisse régionale du Crédit Agricole Nord Est and Sigma Gestion.

Bordeaux Business School


Delphine Brechenmacher



1991, 2 years of experience in Transaction Services at KPMG after previous experiences in Private Equity.

Neoma Business School

Responsibility as our cornerstone
FnB Private Equity has developed a RI policy, custom-fit to the food and beverage industry, signatory of UN PRI and in line with UN Global compact. We rely on day-to-day attentiveness to bring on board all new team members as well as portfolio managers. ESG is at the heart of our industry, from portfolio companies to investors.
ESG as a perfomance contributor
FnB Private Equity deeply believes ESG awareness and focus to be a growth catalyst as well as a risk management element. FnB Private Equity has developed a specific approach, embracing, tracking and measuring all ESG elements throughout the full life cycle of our activity.
End to end transparency
FnB Private Equity has developed an embedded approach on Responsible Investment. Our unique reporting process includes both financial and extra financial items. We purposely share those with each member of our value chain to monitor our portfolio performance and improvements.

Contact us

42, rue Bassano, 75008 Paris, France | info@fnbpe.com

ORIAS registration : 16001805 (orias.fr) CNCIF CIF member 

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